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Off to Spain 1

So my readers am Back Yes Officially Back ! Hopefully I will be around more often , So this time my post will be about my last trip to Spain which defiantly most of you knew about since I have been positing  pictures on Instegram ..”My Boss Thought the only thing I did there was posting pictures: p

To make this post kinda light and fun thought of making it kind of questions and answers type of post , and of course if you have any questions you may shot me but don’t kill me :p Right lets get Started

Q: Where To ?
Well we have been to Spain basically we visited Madrid , Valencia and Barcelona

Q: What is the best day you had on your trip?
Well everyday has special  “something” in it but I truly enjoyed my stay in Madrid seriously the first 4 days of our trip were Amazing  
Oh cant forget the bicycle ride in Valencia in the middle of night that was WOW

Q: What was the best food you ate?
Believe it or not Have not tried any Spanish Food but probably had this chicken sandwich in local restaurant and  it was YUMMMY as in YUMMYY

Q: What was the worst food you had?
Pasta with white sauce ,even now when I remember the taste of the sauce I feel Sick

Q: What was the scariest thing that happen to you.
Well it was me and hamdon walking ,and it was around 9:00 PM and we still can see the sun , the back street behind the hotel were completely empty and all I hear was dog barking , all of sudden there is this huge black dog came out of no where and I felt “Anoofah Sweetie its Over “ LOL but good thing there was this lady who seems to be enjoying walking beside that dog kept playing with it and they both walked away !

Q: What was the weirdest thing to happen to you?
Its 9:00 PM and I still can see the sun LOL

Q: Who do you still keep in touch with?
My siblings  and friends thanks to our smart phones and social media world

Q: What advice would you give to other people who are traveling?
Read more about the country your going to – Enjoy every second – make some friends seriously its Fun J

Q: How have you changed?
Honeslty we are blessed UAEérs  , we live in a place which is truly HEAVEN  , we should be really more grateful for being Emirates

So this is My first part about my trip to Spain hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to leave your comments .. hope to write to you all Soon

Love you


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Toogy AlShamisi said…
Amazing trip and choice *thumb up*
Anonymous said…
It's an amazing story to tell specially the dog part hhhhh and you should came to Norway so you can watch the sunset at 23:00 in the evening :) ....
lepar don said…
wow , spain remember me Andalus and Islamic Civilization in the past :)
amazing post as usual
Toogy AlShamisi : Awww thank you baby :*

lepar don : Appreciate your love Sweetie <3

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