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Share . Learn . Inspire Featured Guest Khaled Al Ameri

“When you are able to see the good in all the little things in your life you don't wait for big things to happen to be happy”

Am sure your eyes captured every single word written in this quote with “Aha” moment  .. that’s How I met Khaled Al Ameri the Awesome ”twitterer”  I shall Call on twitter . His tweets reflects a very inspiring lessons about life that we all should know .  

A very brief introduction about Khaled he is an Emiraty writer and motivational speaker who started recently giving public speeches on lessons and experience he has been through which I find very powerful and courageous thing to do

Can’t really tell you how excited I’m to have him as featured guest on my blog and honestly enjoyed reading his SUPER AWESOME answers , BTW if you have noticed he is the very First Emiraty guest on my Blog , am so proud of him ^^ , and truly thankful that he gave me some of his precious time knowing that he has a very crazy schedule .

So hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I did and don’t forget to post your comment and questions on my comment box below

·      How would you describe yourself in three words
o   Positive
o   Passionate
o   Fun

·       Tell us the story behind starting Your Blog ?
o   I have been writing for years on different publications locally and internationally but always wanted a platform that was mine, where I could share my thoughts freely and openly with my readers.

·      When did you decide that it is the Time to give speech for public  on some Life lessons
o   I have always been passionate about public speaking, and given talks before at TEDxAjman, companies, and universities. Moving forward I wanted to take my articles on personal development, relationships, and education to a more interactive setting where I could give more depth and emotion behind the words on paper, and give them a voice. It’s been so much fun and I love being able to engage with the audience on those lessons.

·    Were there any difficulties that you have faced at the beginning? What were they?
o   The biggest lesson was time management, when you work for yourself on writing new articles and scheduling talks it is all based on your own initiative and hard work. I need to make time to clear my head, find a creative place, and write, but at the same time I need to schedule meetings to discuss new locations for talks, as well as potential clients that might be interested in my writing or speaking services.

·      Seriously  am great fan of your Tweets , sometime I keep thinking does he just get the words out of Air and tweet them down ?
o   Thanks!! That means a lot to me. My tweets are pretty much thoughts based on a situation I am going through, or went through in the past and learnt from. So if I tweet someone about love, it’s usually from an experience in a relationship that I want to share with others in the hopes that it might help them.

·   Do you think anyone can be motivator ?Why ?

o   With the right mindset of course, everyone has a struggle they have gone though and come out stronger on the other side of it. Being able to share what they did and how they manage to get through it is a motivation in and of itself. It’s a matter of seeing the positive side of every situation, which is hard to do especially in the moment. Another important point is being able to be open about your experiences, the successes as well as the failures, and allowing people to learn from them.

·   Best Advice you from your parents

o   Whatever it is you do in life, always do your best.

·   Do you believe in Luck ?
o   Big time! Everyone has had a bit of luck on their side to get to where they want. But I am more a believer in faith, faith in Allah’s plan, and faith in oneself, to achieve what they want and truly believe that everything is happening to them for a good reason.

·   If you would recommend 3 books to my readers what would they be?

o   How Will You Measure Your Life?
o   The Last Lecture
o   The Alchemist

·      Best way to release stress is .......
o   Exercise
o   Reading a good book

·      What advice would you give to your 13 years old self  ?

o   Don’t worry about what others think, find something you are good at, something you enjoy doing, and master it. Oh and travel more.

·      Who is your role model ?

o   My dad – He worked and studied hard for everything he has earned in his life. He also shaped my love for education and continuously seeking to learn more.

·     What motivates you ?

o   My family, they are the reason I need to work hard, above and beyond everything I want to be an inspiration to my wife and kids. To show them that with hard work, dedication, and a passion for your craft anything is possible.

·     BEST time of the day is ......
o   The time between Fajr and when the work day begins. I find that time to be filled with so much peace, being able to read or work during those hours can add so much more value and meaning to your life.

·      Your all-time favorite Song ?....
o   Don’t really have one, but enjoy a lot of the late 90’s, early 2000’s R&B. Sam Smith is pretty good.

·      Your all-time favorite movie

o   “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks

·     How do you usually spend your time with your kids :)
o   They like to use me as a bouncy castle which is always fun.  At home we watch TV, read books, and play with their cars, which they are both addicted to. On the weekends we usually go out to a mall or a park and spend the day doing anything and everything the place has to offer.

·      Your all time favorite quote

o   “The best way to help the world is to share your soul” Paulo Coelho

·      Anything you would LOVE to share with my readers
o   Whatever it is you love to do, do it with all your heart, work hard, and never give up, only then will you start to see your dreams become a reality. Keep moving forward.

To know more about Khaled Al Ameri 

Love you


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Anonymous said…
Great model and inspiration “The best way to help the world is to share your soul” Paulo Coelho

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