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New Beginning!

There is nothing more beautiful than the new Beginnings ! Enjoy

Now that most of you are back from holiday and ready to back to your ( school or work )  here are few tips that I would like to share with you

1-    Start Fresh: forget what has happened ( bad grades , issues with friends ) just learn and move forward that’s the best way to move forward .
2-    Plan ahead: do not start your semester without planning and your plan should depends on what you have learnt rom last year.
3-    Motivate yourself: whether by positive affirmation and ask those who are close to you to keep on motivating you that you will do great
4-    Get yourself new stuff : yes why not ! sometimes a new pen will change your mood
5-    Sustain a healthy lifestyle : and that’s my friends will help you to reach your goals
6-    Keep me posted : whether on Twitter , FB on how well you guys are doing

Let me know what other topics you  want me to write about

Love you


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Sara Saif said…
❤️ نحبج،. و مهما الدنيا تدور تبقين أحلى مرشدة
Nada yo best fraand said…
Love the message about letting go of the past and starting on a fresh new page. It's a new chapter so grab a new pen and start making new memories.
lepar don said…
I like these tips it's very helpful 😍👍🏼
For me my tips are :
1/ nothing better than start your morning with a cup of coffee in a lovely mug 😍
2/ alway smile ! Even if you are sad 😇 because nobody will give good push as your self 💜🌸
Sara Saif : Love you Sweetie

Nada : heyyyy there baby !!!!! guess where I get that lesson from

lepar don : WOW !!!!! thats really awesome girl <3
you're such an inspiration

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