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Hey Whats up ^^

How’s my amazing readers doing? Hope u guys are having fun .. I know  I have been extremely lazy to update my blog!! Am being honest *Angel Face *

So lets get to it, am going to share few products I have been using and will share few stories and updates about Me !! sounds Cool ?

Updates about me

I have been selected to attend CPM (Certified Professional Manager ) program which was about month long so I had to run between work  and attending the class , I felt I miss this part of my life being a student and an employee at the same time  8-) so all of the sudden I signed up for IELTS examination hehehe !! and and Guess what! I have received a very bad score 6 only :’( I truly felt bad until my colleague was like “ well  you went there without practicing !! what did you expect anyway ! it’s like going to a race without your shoes “ – I know what a great way to be lifted by your  friend heheh !  , Oh wait a minute did I just jumped to another topic ><” I do that when I feel too excited to share with you guys what happened to me.

Back to CPM course the instructor actually has opened my eyes on so many facts that we do know as individuals but apparently we are too busy doing other stuff and for that we just forgot them , let me give you an example *_*  how many hours do you spend using your smart phones ? lets say 4 hours or so ! do you consider yourself addicted to it – how would you know – simply if the first thing you do once you wake up in the morning is checking your phone then you are addicted to it– so our day is run by the phone not by us – Sad fact huh L

I realized then am one of those addicted peeps, knowing that something you do is not right helps you to re-direct your attention and energy  to something more purposeful in your life.

Another lesson he asked us how do you guys know if your doing well at your work – I thought it was by the feedback we hear from our boss and he simply answered its by number of job offers you receive!! I was like 0,0 damn!! I have not got any in like 2 years! Maybe am not doing well or maybe am just wasting my time doing things that lead me to no where!! Ok wait a sec its not that am not happy with my current job am truly deeply proudly happy there but its that question which hit me (how well am I doing at work) , later  I decided to take two weeks off to re-evaluate me! The two weeks off helped me a bit ^^

And now  lets move to the beauty products I have been using and I truly liked

First thing is this serum from shesido its amazing I truly consider it as life changing serum, it reduced my break outs , gave me glowness , as for the moist part it did moisturized it very gently , even my mom says once your skin looks so good ! will I buy it again ! Yes I will

 These cute little eggs, helps reduce your blackheads , three steps scrub , mask and balm , let me tell you the truth I truly liked  how it made my skin though I usually use it on my nose *cause that’s where I have blackheads mostly*
But honestly speaking I did not use it regularly lazy me -,-“  when it comes to certain products that have three steps and you need to do them on daily bases I feel too excited at the beginning then baaah

 Peter Thomas Roth I have got the small version of the three masks ( cucumber , rose and pumpkin ) I loved them it leaves your skin fresh and moist I highly recommend them !

Finally this makes which is from our local supermarket is a magic in bottle if you have an oily skin this mask is a great choice for you specially if you suffer from acne it does clean your pores and leave your skin clean

That’s all for now my readers hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know if you have any questions

Love you


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jollza said…
Hi anoofah

I really find you cute & i like the way you write !

As well as the content you speak about .

Its really truth that our days are run by the phone >,<

I like shesido brand i used many things from it & i gets my satisfied . & thanks for sharing these products reviews . They looks good .

Glad to know you !

See you


Jollza Awwww a new Friend <3 how cool is that !! glad to read your comment .. and yeah Shesido is one of my all time fav brand

Toogy AlShamisi said…
hello i will try the serum and tell u my opinion .. u know i trust your taste ❤️✌��️

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