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I am the eldest sister

“ The older I get the wiser am trying to be, though crazier I want to be “ #Anoofah

Since I was a little girl I've always kept telling myself that am truly blessed for not being the eldest sister specially seeing how my sisters used to take care of us and take some of family responsibilities.
But then when I started seeing my friends at school holding their younger sisters hands I wanted to have a baby sister too!
So my mind and heart were both torn apart between wanting to be the eldest and not to be , but years passed and I guess I attracted what I was mostly thinking about.

Chapter 1 (I am Scared )

Back around 2009\2010 when sister who was the eldest at that time got engaged I was kind of worried that I am next; its me who will take care of almost everything so yeah the next big boss

Worrying too much defiantly was not the solution maybe I should just get myself a little prepared for this new phase of my life

NOTE : am not irresponsible person , I used to have little responsibilities at home and school you know but they were not huge

So the day came and now ladies and gentlemen , I am officially the eldest sister

Chapter 2 ( where is EVERYTHING )

My sister was basically my dad’s personal assistant , my mom’s secretary and baby sitter sometimes a chef“ All in one “
Once she went to her honey moon everybody started asking me about everything , where is this? Where is that ? when is my appointment ? parents meeting at my baby sister school .
I was not going to call my sister and ruin her honeymoon but eventually I had to when things went out of control

Chapter 3 ( keeping up with everyone )

Here is a tip to all of you big sisters heheh! time is the main key to play your role right , make sure you have the time to talk to everyone at home , thats how you keep up with everyone and their lives.

It was not an easy task I must say but you know, you gotta do whatch ya gotta do !

Chapter 4 ( Secrets keeper )
Yes you read it right you are going to be everyone secret keeper don’t panic to what they tell you , as long as they have the courage to tell you their secrets then you can play it right and give them your point of view without scaring them out and make them hide it from you

Chapter 5 ( everything you say\do is counted  )

Here is one of the most toughest thing you ought to be “ the wisest creature of all time “ every word you say is truly heard , your opinion is valuable * though I do admit they just ignore what I say , which is fine $,$*
It does get really scary when you see your younger siblings copy your words

Chapter 6 ( the unknown  )

There are times when you have to look after everyone at home “ including your parents “
 It is really hard to let go of things you truly love because you are the “ Role model “ and every action you do would be repetitive, knowing that your parents always expect A LOT

You will face a time when the whole family blames you for some silly mistakes your younger siblings did , and you need to take  the full responsibility for that .

Chapter 7 ( after all enjoy the ride )

Here is one thing I know for sure , every human  being is \ will be adapted to every situation they face , it is how you deal with  and use it for your own good , I know that my love  for my family has grew and I do learn a lot from them hoping that they do from me too

It is the life I meant to live or I attracted , along the road there are ups and downs and it is my fully responsibility to choose my reaction and how to control my emotions , life is always full of surprises and lessons , I am grateful for I am now and for the person I will be

Love you


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Toogy AlShamisi said…
I like ur post .. and believe me u r a great eldest sister and a friend too ;)
☆ Anoofah said…
Bless your heart sis

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